Ambient Light Rejecting

Ambient Light Rejecting

Use the Dark Moon screen when the room is not completely dark, whether because it is an open room with some or lots of ambient light or the walls and ceiling are painted with white or a light color.

What the Black Moon ALR screen can do for your cinematic experience.

Twilight Screens’ Ambient Light Rejecting technology is designed to reject a great deal of the light that comes from the sides. Specifically, the Dark Moon screens up to 80% of light with its high gain of 2.0 spec and up to 60% with its low gain of 0.8 spec. The Dark Moon’s screen fabric has a special coating application in charge of reflecting the light coming from the sides, top and bottom back on in about the same direction as it comes in, like a mirror, preventing such light from reflecting straight to the viewer resulting in much better picture in the presence of light as long as the viewer is located in directly in front or within the angle of view.

Often times AV professionals find themselves  designing a system in which light cannot be controlled and face the challenge of light room’s colors, the primary way to solve these obstacles is utilizing a true light rejecting screen to dramatically minimize the effects of unwanted light on the projection screen.

Low Gain or High Gain?

Choose the Dark Moon 0.8 gain when the room’s challenge is the color of the walls or some natural or artificial lights coming from the sides, top or bottom or choose the 2.0 gain spec when the screen goes in a living room, game room or a room where there’s abundant light coming from sides or all directions. Finding ways to darken the room is always recommended when possible. Consult your Twilight Screens authorized representative o dealer for more customized advise.

Dark Moon Form Factors

The Dark Moon screens are available in in Slim (0.5″) Frame, fixed in both, standard (3.15″) and narrow (2.4″) frame as well as in motorized form. No matter the form, they all support up to 8K resolution.

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