Best For Dark Rooms

Best For Dark Rooms

If your room’s lights can be controlled, meaning that there are no windows, it is a closed room and at least the walls and ceiling are painted dark, then the Bright Moon screen is the right one for you, it will give you the best white levels, decent black levels and more vivid colors.

The Bright Moon screen’s approach.

We are one of the very few screen manufacturers that focus a great deal of our R&D (Research and Development) hours and engineers to design the screen that will perform better in a dark room environment, while others focus all or most of their resources in ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) screens and while we too invest a great deal of resources on ALR screens, we have notice over the years that the great majority of the commercial and home theaters are designed with no windows and with black or dark color surfaces.

Unparalleled cinematic experience: Optimized for 8K in its smooth surface technology, the Bright Moon brings extraordinary bright whites and prominent vibrant colors while maintaining decent contrast for the black levels. its surface has very fine lines, so the projection light can be spread in all directions and the visual angle therefor enlarged. To show 4K or higher image, the Bright Moon screen has special coating with high contrast to ensure the best effect.

Slim Frame, Fixed  Frame and Motorized.

The Bright Moon screen is clearly the best when the room in which is used is dark, it conveniently comes in Slim (0.5″) Frame, fixed in both, standard (3.15″) and narrow (2.4″) frame as well as in motorized form.

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