Twilight Screens
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Engineered For Excellence

World class projection screens made with the highest industry standards. Every one our screens are designed by our engineers to maximize picture quality in a specific scenario, rooms with ambient light, dark rooms, rooms with limited space for speakers etc.

Frederic Heisenberg’s word

In the war of picture quality, the better projectors make a great difference, yet not even the best of them can offer the desired picture quality by themselves, the screen quality play a pivotal role right in the heart of the image’s resolution, contrast, brightness and color definition, only with a great screen can a projector show its best quality. Twilight screens delight in every environment and every scenario.
Frederic Of Vienna, Twilight Screens

Ambient Light Rejecting

Designed for rooms in which ambient light is present, other scenarios for ALR screens are rooms with light color walls, ceiling and/or floors. ALR screens will dramatically improve the black levels of the projection resulting in much better details on dark scenes which are typically the great challenge that all projectors face.

Ultra Bright

Twilight screens’ Ultra Bright is engineered to provide the best picture quality for dark rooms, choose this screen type if your walls, ceiling and floors are dark and you have total light control. These screens can actually increase the brightness being outputted from the projector and they come in 1.0 and 1.8 gain.

Pure White

Matte White screens offer an affordable screen material that will perform well in dark environments, our Matte White Pro offers a 1.1 gain and supports 4K resolution, choose this screen for low budget home theaters in which light can be controlled. Available in Ultra Thin Bezel, fixed frame and motorized.